Locating the right therapist for you can be a difficult process. It is very important to find a good fit. After all, therapy can initially feel rather scary. The necessary trust needed to help explore whatever the reason you are seeking help takes time to build.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC23944) and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your personal goals. People enter the therapeutic relationship for many reasons. Perhaps you and your significant other are in need of learning more effective communication styles. Maybe you and your partner have difficulty with your child’s behaviors. You could be going through a difficult time and are feeling sad or hopeless. Or maybe you need a safe place to discuss ways that you can explore new areas in your life, such as a career change or a behavior you would like to modify. Whatever the reason, meeting with a licensed professional can be extremely beneficial to address these and other issues that may interfere with your daily routine or keep you “stuck” from creating new ones.

In addition to the areas outlined above, I have extensive experience helping men and women who suffer from eating disorders and poor body image. For more information about this specific work, please click here. I also work with people who have experienced chronic medical conditions or traumatic injury. I invite you to read more about this specialty here.

Whatever the reason you have found my website, I thank you for visiting and encourage you to contact me by email at alangmft@comcast.net or by telephone at 510.502.0792. Both ways of communicating with me are strictly confidential. My office is located at 1844 San Miguel Drive #306A in Walnut Creek, California. Directions may be found here.